Monday, 29 April 2013

History of Knockout Roses

Knockout Roses are a family of roses that are extremely popular because of how easy they are to grow. They are known for their drought tolerance and disease resistance, and they have gorgeous blooms.

Knockout Roses were created by Bill Radler, a rose breeder. This breed of roses won him the All-American Rose Selection award or AARS award in 2000.

The Knockout Rose will add color to your landscape through its magnificent blooms from early spring and well into the frosts of winter.

They can be planted up to USDA plant zone 5, and they tolerate heat well. You can plant them in groups of three to five or singly among your annuals and perennials.

If you do not prune the Knockout Rose it will reach a size of 3' - 4' tall and 3' - 4' in width. (Although they can be trimmed to maintain a smaller height.)

It is recommended that you prune them to half their size once a year (late winter or early spring) as this will increase their growth.


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